sexta-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2011

Uma meia-página em construção - m-p III-A-I-1-b:

E um excerto da entrevista ao autor de comix* norte-americano Chris Ware, referida no post anterior, merecedor de uma leitura atenta:

«But everybody’s mind is structured in a very specific way, which is what makes us individual people; every single person in this room is such an unusual person. And if you simply trust yourself as an artist to allow those things to come out naturally, without allowing your intellect to stop it from going onto the page, you’ll be surprised at how things in your work will connect in very surprising and strange ways. There’re things that you do that you are not even necessarily aware of. You know, I’m not advocating automatic drawing or anything like that necessarily, but there really is something in our minds that if you just let it come out reveals a built-in structure, I think».
*: Termo da responsabilidade de Art Spiegelman - "comics" = "co-" & "mix"; uma reflexão sobre a forma de expressão artística cada vez mais conhecida como "graphic novel" (romance gráfico).

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